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    Empower Through Sight
    Hands-On, Active Risk Monitoring and Reporting

Risk-Management and Business Analytics

We empower clients via on and off-site surveillance, providing quality analysis on procedures, processes, compliance, people, and efficiency

Tarsuis (Pty) Ltd was born out of Quemic (Pty) Ltd, a company established in 1998. As such, although Tarsuis was established in 2016, it carries an additional 18 years of experience in the industry which is built on its time in the Quemic Group.

Our rendered services add value. We align ourselves as a strategic partner that contributes to the fulfilment of the client’s particular vision. Everything we do is in line with our evaluative attitude. It begins with security vulnerability assessments. Whether comprehensive or quick, these form the basis of risk management solutions. Risks are identified and mitigated.

We are a “Risk Oriented” company, renowned for its evaluative attitude, creating a conducive environment, characterised by “self-expression”, transcendence, and focusing on client growth and prosperity. This is self-evident in our typical behavioural indicators:
• Determination and Passion
• Multi-Dimensional and Diverse
• Transformed Livelihood
• Setting the Standards and Exceeding the Standards
• Personal Growth
• Entrepreneurship


Tailored Solutions that Work for You

We rise above the industry standards by adding value to a well-established service.

Data and Analytics

Our analysts report on meaningful patterns and trends discovered in the data recorded by the surveillance team.


Our trained surveillance officers are highly-skilled specialists in the niche market within which they serve. They are experts in client policies and procedures, behaviour and risk indicators, as well as individual profiling.

CCTV Surveillance Assessment

Each camera is assessed against key considerations to ensure correct camera positioning, deployment, and sufficiency, to maximise its value and contribution to organisational security. An assessment of surveillance skills and techniques is also conducted.

Security Vulnerability Assessment

Tarsuis designs and implements a tailored risk management solution after a thorough assessment of the client’s risk and security requirements.


Why Choose Tarsuis?

Tarsuis has earned the trust of its clients and gained extensive experience in the diamond mining, gold mining and chrome mining environments. We are proud to have served our clients over multiple long-term contracts.


The Bottom Line

Many businesses fail to harness the maximum benefit from their CCTV investment. Our real time active monitoring can help.

Data Driven Insight

Our high quality reports provide you with real information that empowers you to make real operational decisions.


We monitor your security contractors and report on their performance, response times and effectiveness.


Security events lead to losses. As your business enabler, we aim to identify risks before they can harm your business.


Powered by Technology and Innovation

Tarsuis and its partners are always innovating modern solutions to new problems.

Integrated Occurence Book and Enteprise Risk Management System

Tarsuis has partnered with an industry leader in cloud-based risk and investigation services to empower our business solutions.